Our language learners sadid

Dr. Simon Attila
Dear Miss, Dear Renáta! I intend this letter of acknowledgement also as a recommendation aimed at all parents who want to help their children so that they could become useful through their language skills for the community in which they will once be responsible, be it family, workplace, country or the world. For those who are gifted with children by the Providence, and thus become a parent, their child's development and education is important. I am convinced that a parent can give roots and wings to a child. The roots may be given by the family and the wings by knowledge. It's far more important to help our children to knowledge than material possessions, and if they use this knowledge well they can soar higher than their parents. The best investment is in helping the child to education. We can't learn instead of our children but we can help them expand their knowledge, of course, only if there are outstanding educators and also if our children want to know the world around them. Besides the know-how and the cultivation of the native language, today's basic knowledge includes foreign language skills that can be used at ease. This is not only essential for the cultural communication of the country's cross-border economic and cultural relations, but also for understanding the ideas of people speaking different languages, therefore it is necessary for the building of a civilization based on cooperation. The breakdown of the above, perhaps high-sounding words may begin when when we entrust a language tutor with our children. So it was in my case, when I left my son to you to help him learn the English language. With your support, oral and written exam success came quickly to my son in a way that the language learning process was not a burden, but an opportunity. You encouraged him when he needed it, pressured him when it was necessary, you were strong and gentle at the same time, teacher and tutor in one. The relaxed and homely educational atmosphere, the laughter, your flexibility regarding my sons my son's other studies and you being target oriented brought results at the end. Thank you and work and for your help! Veszprém, 21 November 2015. Dr. Attila Simon father

Csák Attila
Reni is the only teacher in my life, who could find the right balance between being consistently strict, nice and interesting. Due to this I passed my B2 language exam @ the age of 14. Last year I passed the C1 Telc exam. Thx!

Szabó Zsuzsanna
I started having classes with Reni i n my last university year as I needed a B2 specialised language exam to earn my degree. I could learn fast and easily. She concentrated on my mistakes and with the help of continuous revision she taught me everything really precisely. I really liked how cheerful lessons were. Every time I was tired we did easier, funny exercises. I always received a lot of homework. I think if you do them from lesson to lesson you will achieve result. I passed my language exam with a good result and as I travel a lot I often get praised for my language knowledge abroad.. :) If I had to describe Reni in one sentence it would b "the best teacher ever!" xoxo

Dr. Kónya Ildikó
I can only speak in superlatives about the English teacher of mine and my family. She is able to keep interesting and improving lessons to everyone, even if the lesson deals with dentistry or any other topics. That's why we chose her.

Baranyai Barbara
I was looking for a language teacher to help me with the preparation for the language exam when I contacted Reni. We did not only solve tasks but also talked a lot, of course, in English. These conversations weren't only amusing but also improved my communication skills and vocab. If I couldn't understand anything we didn't go on until I had understood it. Thank to these things I passed the B2 language exam 3 months after starting classes and after another 3 months I passed the C1 language exam. Thank xou Reni!

Takács Annamária
English lessons with Reni are really enjoyable because she doesn't only concentrate on the "dry" material but we also talk about a wide range of things like fashion and shopping and she gives a lot of useful, of course, in English. This way learners don't only learn about the language but also other things. :)

Kovács Dóra:
Well, I don't know where to start. In my life i have had so many English teachers but my absolutely fav is Reni. She is really energetic, enthusiastic, kind and well-prepared for the lessons. She helped me a lot to pass my B2 language exam. I got it just before my 16th B-day. She gave me a lot of homework to do and learn but finally it was worth doing it. Any time when we need a little chat she is always there. She is like my big sister. I enjoy her lessons and anything else with her.

Takács Adél
Before I came here I had already wanted to learn English for a long time but in large groups I couldn't really achieve much. I hadn't been lucky with my previous teachers, either as none of them taught in a way that could have motivated me. I am really lazy and if there isn't somebody to push me I tend to neglect learning. A few years ago I got my current teacher, Renáta Krafcsik, to know. In my first lesson with her I learned more than in all the years before. Her lessons are funny and she doesn't allow us not to concentrate even for a second. We learn difficult tenses without even noticing that we already know and are able to use them. There is no silence, everyone has to talk and practice the pronunciation in her lessons. If we make a mistake she corrects us in a way that is not demotivating. When we don't know a word or there is something we don't understand we may ask questions. She always motivates us to ask questions and she is really patient. we learn a lot from her. I'm sure Reni was born to teach. It's really enjoyable to listen to her. She gives us what we really need. Both me and my colleague are busy and sometimes it's difficult to go to lessons but as soon as the lesson starts we forget about everything and we can concentrate in the nice atmosphere created by Reni. My message for all those who want to learn English: Come and see a lesson to experience how easy learning a language is at Royal!!

Pintér Júlia
I have passed my Cambridge Advanced Exam. I'm incredibly happy. I started learning English with the aim passing the ORIGO advanced level exam. After achieving this I was planning to study at a university abroad. Unfortunately, they don't accept the ORIGO exam even though it's certified. They required Cambridge Advanced or Cambridge Proficiency as they are internationally accepted at any university in the world. I didn't think I would pass but I did. I'm travelling to study in Greece soon. Thank you Reni for helping me.

Köpeczi Andrea
I decided to refresh my English before I travelled to the USA in September 2007. I wanted to learn individually as in my experience this is the best way to learn. My colleagues and acquaintances recommended Reni and Royal Language School. From the first moment on I have enjoyed the classes and I started to understand grammatical tenses for the first time, even though I had learned English for years before. Reni explains grammar interestingly and she adds her own experience which helps a lot. The lessons are really enjoyable. I also had the opportunity to learn American.  The slogen 'Nothing is impossible.' proved to be true. During my journey i could understand everything ans communicate thanks to the listening exercises. I come once a week but I always look forward to it because Reni's positive attitude recharges me from week to week. I recommend Reni and Royal Language School for all those who seriously want to learn English and achieve real results.

Tóth Krisztián
I have taken part in an international training in Brussels, of course, the language of the training was English. I can't claim to have understood everything but I could understand most of it and do the exercises. I'm satisfied to have been able to use the knowledge I gained in Business English classes. But there's still much to learn!!!

Nagy Eszter
Hi Reni!
I support your webpage with the following:
- In Royal they teach English in a way that not only your language knowledge but also your intelligence. Additional materials help to understand real-life situations. Your newly gained knowledge about arts, sports, news, situations is immediately to use Schedule can be adapted flexibly to the learner's needs. As the owner-head teacher is a professional the school represents the same. That's what I think and that's the TRUTH! Eszti

Takács Anilla
I passed the EURO language exam with the result 88%. It's not easy to express how I happy I am. I was thirteen when I started private lessons with Reni, which gave me the basis of English I could count on at secondary school. In the eleventh grade I passed the B2 language exam and I still want to continue studying. (Anilla passed a C1 exam 1 year later.)

Kónya Benedegúz
Reni's lessons are enjoyable because they are really creative. We don't only do exercises in the exercise book but we do a lot of exercises to improve my skills and language knowledge! I'm sure I will be able to pass the B2 language exam soon!

Mészáros Zsolt
I have been in a meeting abroad recently and to my surprise I realised that I understood half of it even though I haven't finished the first book yet. This experience motivates me to continue learning as now I see that learning a language is not an impossible mission

Szabó Gábor
Hi! I have passed my school leaving exam and I got a five. Thanks for the help! I hope we well be able to work together later! Have a nice summer