Dear Language Learner,

My name is Renáta Krafcsik, English language teacher. I earned my degree as an English teacher at Dániel Berzsenyi Teacher Training College of the University of West Hungary. Later I continued my studies at Péter Pázmány Catholic University as an English philologist. I have been teaching English since I was 19 years old. I have gained experience as a language teacher at elementary, secondary, language schools and company trainings. My main goal is to prepare my students maximally well and to provide fast, precise, high quality and exigent service.

I firmly believe: You can learn anything with the right tools and methods! Of course, having an experienced language teacher doesn't harm!

I hope to make learning the language easier and achieve your goal with the tips and information on my webpage!
I wish you successful and enriching language learning!

Krafcsik Renáta

"Learning a language takes us higher. The view is nicer after each hill climbed. If we take it as a sensitive and deliberate task learning won't be a hunt but a satisfying exercise for our adult sense. Among other things we learn languages because learning languages is a good thing. "
Lomb Kató